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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Objects With Meaning


I realised that a handphone case can be part of everyone's accessory in their daily life because our phone play such a HUGE part in our life that majority of the time, our phones are in our hands.
That is why a good, lasting, and attractive phone case is needed, right?

Presenting to all of you my new phone casing that I absolutely adore!!
When ObjectsWithMeaning first approached me, I was actually very excited because at that time I wanted to change my old and unpleasant looking phone casing.

Browsed through their website and I was honestly spoilt for choices!! I really really liked the Sushi Case, it was the first one that caught my eye and it was so adorable but I thought the Oil Spill Case would be a better choice for me hehe :D
 (Sushi Case)
(Salmon Case)

And I thought that if you are a Sushi lover, these cases would be the perfect for you.
The Salmon case is SO CUTE?! HAHA

The exterior of their casing is mostly made up of Hard Casing or Silicon Casing.
The Oil Spill Case which I chose was a Silicon Case and I like how it's not too hard of a case, yet not too soft so it will protect my phone if I were to drop it (If that makes any sense haha!)

(Oil Spill Case) 

ObjectsWithMeaning have a lot more quirky and attractive looking cases so check them out today!


The cases are of affordable prices and as for mine, it is going at SGD 15, mailed :)

P/S: Do follow them on their Instagram account for more updates and previews of their New Arrivals, you wouldn't want to miss it.

Okay, off to get ready to start my weekend, have a great week all of you!


shanaz@RS said...

Ooh I love it! The salmon one is just too cute =D xx

Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

Alicia said...

@Shanaz, I know right! The salmon case is really cute hehe!

Anonymous said...

Heyy Alicia, may I know where did you get the unique water bottle from??:)