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Sunday, June 28, 2015


I am so excited to share with you all the newly renovated J7image!
They were previously located at Far East Plaza #02-14
Now, they are located at LEVEL 5, #05-32/33
This is the entrance of their salon, what a huge difference!

I actually really like this deco wall (or wdv it is called) and tried taking pictures with it but I had to squat and the picture turned out blur LOL

The hanging light bulbs and the wooden structures around the salon made me feel really cosy and warm, like I was home :') That is one thing I always think, is most important when it comes to fixing my tresses, nails or other parts of my body.

J7image's Organic Hair products!

My hair before the dyeing process
Ugly grown out black roots, dried ends, reddish tone.
I was very sad because I really blamed myself for box dyeing my hair into Copper colour a few months back because, red tones are the most difficult colour to get rid of!!!
That includes Jet Black as well.
Wanted something lighter so Jayden thought that dyeing the top half part of my hair Ash Blonde would be good.
Meaning, the top bottom half of my hair would be of a darker shade, cocoa brown.
Here's me after the bleaching process.

And the final hair dye colours!
Frankly speaking, I have been bleaching my hair for quite sometime but I stopped about a few months back until now. Bleaching has always caused my hair to break all the time when it's wet! It is extremely horrifying for me to comb my hair when I got out of the shower :(

However, I've been trying to get myself to apply more treatment products on my hair and J7image told me to wash the rinse-off treatment WITH COLD WATER!
I'm sure many of you should know about this technique but for those who don't, you can try it!

It is much better than rinsing it off with warm or hot water because the cold water actually helps closes the hair "pores" leaving the treatment to be more effective. 
It is somewhat similar to facial pores, you wash off your facial foam with cold water so as to close/tighten the pores, or you can also use an ice cube to tighten the pores on your face.

I'm pretty sure it's of the same logic, hahahhaa.

J7image has been using these two products ever since I left them to take care of my tresses.
It smells good and it works really well!
On the left: Golden Rose Oil
(To help keep your hair velvety smooth and tender)
On the right: Yogurt Hair Mask
(To leave your hair looking beautiful and flawless)


Also, here's another of my J7's product that I recently added into my list!
As mentioned, all J7's hair wash are organic.
Organic??? Some of you may wonder, it is actually the World's Greenest Shampoo.
Watery texture / Healthier / More eco-friendly

This is one of their latest limited edition Volumizing Shampoo in Peach Blossom! 
My hair is just naturally flat and thin and I've always admire girls with hair that looks super volumed and thick :( 
Have been using this shampoo for about 2 weeks and I can say it works pretty well and of course, it smells good.

Darker shade on the inner part of my hair.

I just realised it looks like my hair is highlighted hahahaha
I love the blonde!!! I love bright hair colour HAHA

So this is my final colour and I love it!
I can't wait to go lighter but first, I need to take extra care of my hair. 
Bleached hair is bound to fade really quickly and that's one thing I'm afraid of.... plus, my stubborn red hair tone is so damn difficult to get rid of it might just fade into a reddish tone.....SIGH.

So to any of you who hates the red tone, I wouldn't advise you to dye Copper. But if you're going for the Stylenanda Korean Look then Copper colour is perfect.
Else, Redhead! I might just be a redhead someday but that's if I'm prepared to have the red tones on my hair for the longest time haha.

Thank You J7image once again for the love! 
Also, since it's the Great Singapore Sale period........ J7image is proudly presenting to all of you...

Enjoy 20% off for the first service followed by 30% off the second and 40% for the third!
For example, you are thinking of getting a Hair cut, Dye and Treatment at j7image, all the discount percentage will be deducted individually. However, hair cut may vary depending on your hair length, hair dye may be more expensive when it included bleaching and lastly, there are a few different hair treatment in J7 so it depends on which you choose!

Valid till 26TH OF JULY 2015

If this sounds confusing, you might want to ring J7image up and clear all your doubts!
Tel: 6735 5195

Great Singapore Sales.....

*Only selected schools are valid for this promotion*
(As listed at the end of the poster)


So what are you waiting for? 
Ring them up and head down to J7image! :D

Operating Hours:

Monday - Friday: 11am - 8:30pm
Saturday: 10:30am - 8:30pm
Sunday & P. Holidays: 10:30am - 7:30pm

(Closed on every 7th of the month)


Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road 

Follow them on their Social Media:


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