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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Menstruheat ● PsLove

Hope you all had a great start by pranking people on the 1st of April!
I sure did haha.

Just a question for you ladies... Ever experience extremely bad cramps every month when your period arrives? 
During Secondary School, I have always heard of my friends complaining to me about how bad their period cramps are. I never knew how it felt because I never had it till I was 19 (I have no idea why)

 I can totally remember the scene of me experiencing it for the first time, it.was.SO.BAD.
I had to curl myself up into a ball and roll around my bed or force myself to sleep, I've never taken those pink pills because I don't like taking medications, I would prefer the natural way which I thought there wasn't any until one month ago.

PsLove sent me a package of love to cure my bad period cramps!! I was actually pretty skeptical about it because I thought to myself "How can these small little heat packs ease my cramps? My cramps are crazily painful."  But I was wrong.

Just a little knowledge for you girls -
Menstrual cramps and backaches happen when the uterine muscles contract and reduce blood flow to the abdomen and back. Natural heating induces blood circulation so that cramps can be reduced.

AH! Now we all know why. 

These MenstruHeat Packs are made with 100% NATURAL ingredients, no medicinal ingredients in it therefore it is safe to use whenever you need it! The first time I tried it, I used it to sleep hahaha.

Those toturous cramps on the very first day is always the worst! Me who very much needed a good night sleep the other day tried MenstruHeat Pack for the very first time.
After leaving the pack on my tummy for awhile, I felt it getting warmer and it feels sooooooo good. I was really happy because it really helped soothed the awful cramps I had. :")

"MenstruHeat heats up within minutes, no microwave or shaking is needed. It's made so that your cramps can be instantly soothed wherever you are." 

I brought it out with me the next day! Yes, it is that convenient to use.
Throw away your pink pills ladies, and get your MenstruHeat Pack today!

These amazing packs are available on - PsLove 
You can even get to customize your own package that includes the heat packs and hygiene items!

Fight those bad cramps with MenstruHeat Pack and have a happy period!

G I V E A W A Y!!
Thanks to the lovely people behind PsLove, they've decided to give away 3 sets of  MenstruHeat Pack, yay! (Each set comes in a bundle of two)

So for all you ladies who wants to try those packs here's how you can win in 2 easy steps!
- Follow PsLove on their Instagram, here: PsLove
- Comment "We need this!!" and tag two of your female friends who have been experiencing bad period cramps. (On the giveaway picture I posted on Instagram)

As easy as that and I'll pick three winners!

Good Luck everyone and Thank You PsLove once again!

xx, A

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