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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dinner Date - Prive Grill

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Before I get started, Happy Birthday once again, TZY! (≧◡≦) ♡

On the actual date of his birthday, I got him 2 slices of choco fudge cake while on my way back just so he could make his wishes and blow off the candles before 12am!

Z has always been a fan of steaks and so, I googled and had lots of results in return, finally chose Prive Grill, located at Keppel Bay Marina. 
It was Z's belated birthday dinner cum our 25th months together, yay!

Arrived!! Yet I felt really upset because it was pouring so so heavily and I actually requested for the outdoor seats just so we could enjoy the nice view and breeze, seems like we can't :(
Headed in to the restaurant anyway, the place is really pretty! 
Note: There's Prive Cafe, Prive Grill and Prive Waterfront Bar.

Pardon me for the bad quality pictures, I used my I6 to capture all pictures that evening hahaha.

Ordered our mains and we got served a few complimentary starters 

Came across this beer at Beerfest and I've been loving it since. I have NEVER been a fan of beer but now it's a different story. Kronenbourg Blanc isn't as bitter as the others, therefore my favourite!

Our steaks finally came!!
Z had AUS CAPE GRIM GRASS-FED ANGUS MB +2 rib eye in medium rare while mine was the N.Z. WAKUNUI 150-DAY GRAIN-FED BLACK ANGUS Rib eye in medium rare as well.

Fun fact: If I get to choose one type of meat, Chicken or Steak, it would be chicken. LOL

Okay actually the steak was really pretty good, I wiped out the whole plate. I'm really glad Z likes it too :)
We ordered the Duck Fat Fries;Truffle Mayonnaise it was good too. I personally prefer thick fries as compared to the thin one so I was really happy that KFC changed their fries HAHA :D

I was cracking my brain the whole time during dinner, "how should I tell the waiter that I want a slice of cake" when Z was just sitting right in front of me. Thankfully, he went to the washroom so I took this chance to called on the waiter and TADAH!
The waiter came from behind and Z was quite shocked I would say? Like he gave the waiter a blank face then turned to me and smiled.
Or did he not smile? 
I think he did.

Received this complimentary gift upon payment. Overall, it was really a great evening.
Good company, good ambience, good service.
I hope Z enjoyed that evening as much as I did.

When will I get tired of making silly faces when someone takes a close up picture of me?
I felt really shy, maybe that's why.

Alright, got to get up at 6 in the morning later on and it's now already 12:35am?!?!?!?
Till next time!

x, Alicia 

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