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Thursday, March 12, 2015


I'm back with a post featuring J7image yet again!
Making the decision to go back to crazy colours, Jian An, my stylist, decided to bleached the bottom half of my hair and dye it Blueish Grey.

I love it! I'm already excited to enter J7 again.
I can never express how comfortable I felt leaving my hair to Jian An and the J7image team.

From settling me down > Serving me my favourite tea and tea snacks (haha!) > Checking my hair condition > Asking for my preference > Deciding the colour scheme

The top half of my hair was supposedly Ash Brown tone but I box dyed it red the other time while trying to cover up my ugly grown out roots :(

As most of you should have known, getting rid of reddish tone hair colour is pretty difficult (unless you want to be a red head again) 
So what Jian An suggested was to use the Ash tone to bring down the reddish part, although I know it still looks orangey-red in the pictures but believe me, the reddish tone was less red.
If that even make sense


Moving on..

Crazy colours fade away way too fast, my blue looks turquoise now but I still like how it looks in all my pictures. 
Reminder: Wash your hair on alternative days if you don't want the colour to fade so quickly, and remember to get a colour lock-on shampoo :)

If you're keen on visiting J7image to get your hair done, here are some other posts I've done for them previously!


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Good Luck and Thank You J7 once again :)

Love, Alicia

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