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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Late night thoughts

*Press play*

Hey ya'll~
It's 12:58am right now and I just can't seem to fall asleep despite having a really long day.
Much apologies for not updating this site of mine, October has been a really rough and busy month for me. I've lost some and I've gained some. I have learned to be a better daughter, friend and as a girlfriend. "Becareful who you trust" -- my biggest lesson learnt in that month. 
Thankful for the people who stayed by me and listened to my rants throughout.
I am so glad October has ended.

For those of you who had a bad October....fret not because November will be amazing :)
It's been 10 days since Z left for his training days in Taiwan, 12 more days left and it just feel so comforting counting down to the day when he's back because I cannot wait to receive his hug again.... :'( 
14 uncontactable days is torturous.

Anyway! I have been contemplating for the longest time and I have asked many many of my friends whether or not I should trim away the dead ends of my hair. Simply because it is beyond dead and impossible to be saved, I might just get it trim however.... my hair will be really short :( Just wondering which of these days I will be courageous enough hahahaha
I will be back with mini updates of how I spend my Halloween and Chrysan's birthday!! Thankyou you if you're reading this now and if you've constantly come back to this site even though the lack of updates. 

Love, Alicia

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