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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bangkok Day 2

DAY 2!!
Z and I woke up rather early for Day 2, probably around 7/8am because we (actually, it was just me)  can't wait to shop around the morning market.
This morning market is near Platinum Mall!

Streets of busy Bangkok

Went to Platinum Mall for the air con because the both of us were about to get soaked in our clothes.

I've been to Platinum Mall numerous times and I'm always eating their food court food so this time round I wanted Western food for lunch, we settled for Jeffer Steak.
I ordered their Chicken chop while Z ordered their Steak, it was average overall but I guess I will just stick to their local food court dishes haha!
After surviving the humid afternoon, we went back to our hotel, get changed, and headed to Rot Fai Market which is also know as the Train Market! It was my first time there so I was pretty much excited about it!
Being the usual absent-minded me, I forgot to check whether it will be open on a Thursday night (who knows it might be like the weekend market right?)
PHEW, LUCKY US! It opens on..

Rot Fai Market
Srinakarin Road Soi 51(behind seacon square)
Thursday - Sunday.
5pm - midnight

Please do take a cab if your hotel's at Pratunam. The train ride will probably take a while.
Cab fare from Berkeley Hotel to Rot Fai:
150 baht + 50 baht(highway passing) = SGD 8 

After knowing that Thursday is the first day of business.....I expected it to be pretty quiet and not all stalls to be open, I was right :(
I would suggest anyone of you who are going, to go on a Friday or Saturday!

I wish I could buy one back to Singapore sigh

Walked around for awhile searching for food but apparently most of the food stalls there sells.......I don't know how to describe it but it seems to be every local's favourite because everyone ordered it! It's not a main dish, but a dish where a group of people will share it together, something like salad? I have no idea.

Z and I wanted more for dinner so we stopped at YES PLEASE! because they sell Japanese and Western food, yay! Wanted beer but they don't have it, how nice of the owner to get it for us from a nearby bar!

I ordered the Spaghetti Spicy Bacon(79 baht) and Z's Carbonara(79 baht) it was gooooood, I loved mine! It was unlike any usual Bacon Spaghetti mainly because I guess they used Thai ingredients. While Z's one was alright, just like any other carbornara :)

Didn't managed to capture much pictures of the surroundings because everywhere wasn't that lively.
However! Took a picture of this vintage shop, bought a dress from them too - love it!
It was only 200 baht :D

Route 66 ; THE LEVEL
66 Rama IX Soi 8
7pm - 2am

One tip for you all! Tell the cab driver, "RCA" they would probably get it rather than telling them a whole long list of address. My cab driver immediately said "OHHHH!! THAT ONE RCA, PARTY"
Hahahahha hilarious! But yes, do remember. RCA is somewhat similar to Clarke Quay in my opinion. It has a stretch of clubs but we went to Route 66 because everyone claims that it's a MUST GO if you're at Bangkok~

 I have been wanting to go the previous time I came with Z but we chose sleep over clubbing hahaha.
Would definitely be more enjoyable if my friends were to join us :(

I wanted to be nice so I ordered a HUGE bucket of Smirnoff when the sales girls approached me but it was a wrong wrong choice, the alcohol was too little. It tasted like soda drink rather than an alcoholic drink :(

Made friends with a Singaporean guy and a Thai girl that was sitting beside us just cause we were soooo bored and stuck with a huge ass bucket of "soda".

Since Route 66 closes at 2am, we decided to go along with the Singaporean friend we made to SHOCK 39! Heard it was pretty good as well and indeed, it was! Had so much fun that night and ended our Day 2 getting cheated.

The Tuk Tuk driver brought us to a seafood place after clubbing, if you don't know, the taxi drivers loves bringing tourists to dining places because they actually get commission.
The Fried Rice we ordered tasted so bland and it was 400 baht in total together with my orange juice.
Tuk Tuk driver promised to stay and wait for us to finish our supper but I guess we were silly enough to believe him hahahahhahahaaahhaha.
#trustnobody #gullibleus #orwerewejusttoosleepy
Then, the sleepyheads went to bed.

Stay tuned for the rest of the BKK updates!


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