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Friday, November 7, 2014


Read at your own risk (images may be a little too disturbing)
I went as a zombie on Halloween night and it was my first time dressing up for that occasion!!!! I was actually contemplating whether or not should I dress up as a zombie because I'll have to look "dirty and dead" but I went along with it anyway.

Rushed all over town that day with Irfan to get the stuff needed for the night then head over to Jan's place in the evening to get ready for the night! Maryam and Nadirah were Vampires, Janelle was a Fortune Teller, Irfan was a dead zombie like me, Angel was Princess Jasmine and Farah was Catwoman!! Started the night by walking over to Tampines Mart's Macdonalds and everyone couldn't stop staring, I even played hide and seek with a cute little girl

(All images are taken from my Iphone/Angel's cam/Cherie's cam)
If any of you are wondering, I used tissues and liquid latex to made the scars on my face.
Looks pretty realistic?

Decided to hang at Mariko's bar then headed to Clarke Quay > Zouk > Club K >Home.
Our plans kept changing and everywhere was so so so packed but I had a great time overall.

 My Zombie OOTN HAHA
Shirt was from Irfan, found a random black tie at home and forgot to wear my denim shorts out because I was rushing to Jan's, ended up wearing my PJ pants.


 Zeng!!!! The one whom I can feel comfortable with anytime and anywhere and it just feels like I've known her for a long time but I've only met her this year March.

And my favourite people for that night :) Was really wishing Z could be there with us but sadly army had to take him away to Taiwan. Oh well, I believe there are many other chances too hehe

Took a picture with them because their air suit are so adorable!!! I am already thinking of my Halloween outfit for next year HAHA

 And dirty smelly us trying to get a cab at 7am. Waved to everyone in those SBS buses that passed by us because Angel and I weren't even tired of fooling around.
Hope everyone had a great Halloween night as well!

Love, Alicia

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