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Friday, November 21, 2014


Hello there! This week has been g r e a t for me so far, picked Z up from the airport on Tuesday at 3am and laze around his place for the past few days. We went for lunch yesterday and he wanted to get pancake mix after but I've had it at home and I want to try something new, so we got this Oreo No Bake Dessert instead!!!
Woke up this morning feeling excited 8)

What you need:
1 box of Oreo No Bake Dessert
4 tablespoon of Margarine / butter
1 / 1/3 cups of Cold Milk
1 Cake Mixer

I bought the extra oreos because I didn't thought the JELL-O dessert would include it hahaha oops

Oh! This is not any sort of tutorial by the way. It's just another weekend with Z and I thought it would be interesting to share this time round because....oreos.

What the JELL-O box includes:

-Oreo Crust
-Crust Mix

4 tablespoon  of butter and it has to be MELTED, so we put it into the microwave for 20-30secs untilit turns out like the picture below!
We actually melted a total of 6 tablespoon because 4 seems really little.

Mix the melted butter/margarine well with the Crust Mix and spread it nice and evenly onto any bowl you think is fine! :)

Here's Tofi! Who kept sticking around with us in the kitchen throughout the whole time hahhahahaha I'm sorry I couldn't give you any oreo :(

Next! We took 1 whole and 1/3 cups of milk and poured it into this green plastic bowl, then added the Filling Mix and quickly used the cake mixer to mix it!!!

Stated from the box:
30 secs of slow speed
3 minutes of medium speed

When you're done, add half of the given Oreo Crust and stir it gently.
This was my result:

LOL, this was how Z mixed the filling and milk

Once you're done stirring all the oreo together with the filling, layer it gently on top of the Crust Mix and then used the other half of the oreos to sprinkle it on the top and you're done!!!

I cling wrapped it and leave it into the freezer for about....3 hours
and here's our result!!!

The bottom oreo crust wasn't mixed properly with the margarine so it didn't stick well causing most of the bottom crust to fall off when I took a slice out. try to mix it well and make it sticky before pressing it nicely onto the bowl!

Overall, it was pretty enjoyable the fact that Z loves to follow the instructions, NOT. While I will always try to follow the instructions most of the time hahahhaha our differences makes it fun sometimes. The cake was good too!! But the top layer was a little too soft so I guess it would be better if I were to leave it in the freezer longer.

Before ending this post, if any of you are interested in trying this out....I actually got it from

"ABC Cheapest Store In Singapore"
Yes, it is a legit store and they sell everything at really cheap prices. Got the JELL-O box for $5.95 and the Oreos at $1.95 :D

Thankyou for reading!!

Love, Alicia


Anonymous said...

where is "ABC Cheapest Store In Singapore" located at ? The google Map seems a bit confusing .

Alicia said...

Hello! The store which I went to was at Woodlands Street 82! Hope this helps x