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Friday, September 19, 2014

Mocha: J7image x Giveaway

H O L L A ! 
Yet another new hair colour done by J7image. This time, I settled with Dark Mocha Brown with streaks of reddish orange highlights. Mainly because I felt like I still need a little bit of bright colours here and there haha!
I've been getting more compliments on this hair than my blonde :-)

Curled my hair because most of the highlights are hidden inside. I love how the highlights fall nicely into place (。♥‿♥。)

 The Dark Mocha Brown looks darker than I've expected but under the sun it looks so much brighter! I'm glad to be having dark coloured hair again, because of the umpteen times of me bleaching my hair, my hair looks really dull, brittle and dead. So glad I made the right choice of colouring my hair a darker shade, it looks healthier! (Of course, I've been using products to make it healthier too) Thank you to J7image for choosing the best colour, not too dark yet not too light :)

Nowww, It's giveaway time! My third time giving away J7image's vouchers to 10 LUCKY PEOPLE!
-Vouchers in c/o J7image-

These are the newly improved vouchers by J7image with FOUR different options.
> $17 off All Services
> $37 off Treatment Services
> $57 off Cut & Colour Services
> $97 off Curl/Straightening services

Stand a chance to win these vouchers just by following a few simple steps!

STEP 3: Comment on my instagram picture regarding J7image(I'll be posting it tonight), on why you wish to get chosen! + your email address!

(Example: "I wish I can win this vouchers because I need a new hair makeover!")

And yes you're done!
I'll be choosing the winners by 26th September 2014.
Winners will be notified by email so do remember to leave your email down :)

However those who didn't win.....fret not! You can now quote my name "Alicia" and receive a FREE 1 YEAR member card(worth $27) and you can even enjoy MEMBER DISCOUNT on the day itself when you're there!!!!! :D

T H A N K Y O U  J 7 I M A G E  once again!




Moving on, one of my current favourite outfit I matched a week back. 
Bought this cute little red floral shorts at Forever 21 and it was on sale. ONLY 10 BUCKS OMG.
Was contemplating, but when I saw the price...... I knew I had to get it hahahahhaah

Paired it with a chiffon white crop top which was previously my mom's but she said it was a wrong buy, because it was too short for her to be wearing at her age HAHA

I usually bring around an outerwear whenever I wear sleeveless. This Lalaland oversized biker outerwear came in handy and I love how it makes the outfit look a little smarter/formal.

Alright, enough of typing, have a good weekend all of youuuuuu~!

Love, Alicia


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