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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hada Labo

I'm proud to announce that Hada Labo is now on board with Space Invasion as one of the beauty sponsors for SIMS(Space Invasion Mega Sales) I'm sure many of you have heard of Hada Labo!
The hype was all over when it first launched....."ONE DROP REVEALS YOUR NATURAL FAIRNESS" or "ONE POWERFUL DROP"
Honestly I have never used Hada Labo's arbutin whitening lotion though I've heard many many good reviews about it. However, I finally got to try it!
I've got dark spots now and then due to my pimples, I am always trying to make it fade away and I've been trying to achieve fairer skin but most of the time the weather in Singapore just doesn't seem to be on my side, the UV ray makes it worse! 

This toner helps to protect our face against the harmful UV ray :)
Hada Labo is also Japan's #1 whitening product (who doesn't love Japan products?)

Arbutin + Vitamin C + Hyaluronic acid

What does arbutin does to help our skin?

Vitamin C?

 Hyaluronic acid?

Me trying it out! 

This product shall be my new toner! Cannot wait to have smooth, supple and fairer skin.
Also, can't wait to see all my dark spots (caused by my pimples) to fade away!!!!!

Always remember that a girl should always, always use toner after cleansing their face.



One more day to Fridayyyyyyyyyyy and two more days till SPACE INVASION MEGA SALES!
(13th - 14th September 2014)

If you don't know about it yet, do take down the dates now or set an alarm in your phone to remind you about the sale that is happening this Saturday and Sunday!
Happening only TWICE a year, the Mega sales brought to you by Space Invasion.
Just a little information about Space Invasion in case you have never read my blogpost about them before.
Space Invasion is a pop up retail concept store at The Cathay powered by For Flea Sake.
"A multi-label store, Space Invasion offers you a selection of fashionable clothes, vintage apparels, unique accessories, which includes statement necklaces, handbags, tote-bags, handmade bags and stylish shoes."

They have stores like Set Apart(known as shopskinned), Ninthstore, Lalaland, 6by6, Ellysage and many more! Sales items will be a low as SGD 5 :)

For every purchase you get from Space Invasion Mega Sales, you will get a FREE sample of the Hada Labo product :D 
*While stocks last*

See you if I see you!

Love, Alicia

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