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Monday, August 25, 2014

Twentieth birthday

Super delayed post, almost a month late. I wanted to gather all the pictures from everyone's phone and camera etc but I am just too lazy to transfer the pictures from my phone to my laptop so........
my camera pictures shall do!

I'm officially 20! Feeling like an adult now that my age has the digit "2" at the front hahahahaha I guess it's time for me to really set my priorities right even though I tell myself that all the time.

My birthday falls on the same day as my mom's so Happy Birthday mommy, I love you so much!

Lindsay and Chrysan actually planned a surprise for me beforehand and I was totally clueless. They tricked me by saying that they quarreled and Lindsay actually left the group chat we had together and I thought shit was getting serious........Chrysan then called me and told me she's at Changi Rise which is  super near my house and she needed my company, so I rushed over and TADAAAAH!

The girls popped out and I was beyond elated. I never expected anything because we just met and I thought everyone was tired that night but to my surprise......I love you all!
Cherie came too even though she's been really busy with school. I was so so so happy........and touched. Thankyou girls, for making the start of my birthday a pleasant one!
Lots of Loveeeee, xx

Another surprise for me over the weekends with the best people in my life.
*Feeling blessed* all over again while typing this.

I didn't know about the theme they planned but luckily I was wearing crochet shorts and a knotted crop top which fits the theme "Coachella" "Bohemian" perfectly! Birthday girl gets a floral tiara that night :')

Angel, Maryam and I

Bought this cake for Z's 21st birthday and Z decided to get the same one too because it's so good!
For those who are cake lovers like me, this cake is from Rive Gauche.

It's called the "Guanaja cake" and not like any other cakes, I think it is possible for you to eat as many slice and not feeling gelate! It has chocolate mousse, spongey chocolate cake layer and a crunchy chocolate biscuit at the bottom of the cake.

I walked in the room and I was so happy, the girls filled the bed with pink balloons, huge ass balloon at the side with wishes written on it and bed lights hanging on the bed frame. They even bought a huge ass sunflower to complete the theme. I've been to hotel parties or birthday parties since young and I've always seen the party filled with the birthday girl/boy loved ones and I've always wanted it!!! (Pretty decorations is a bonus point :D) 
It's so nice having ALL the people you love around you.
Cannot be more than thankful for everyone's presence (my close friends, boyfriend, boyfriend's friends and their partners) in making it happen and the girls preparing everything before I went over. Thankyou Z who booked the hotel as well! I WAS SO HAPPY AND I STILL AM.

We had booze to kick start the fun night and everything turned out super fun and enjoyable. I hope everyone there had fun that night :-)) The hotel is so close to Zouk so after a couple round of drinks they girls all decided to head to Zouk!! Honestly I wished we stayed in the hotel room instead because it was so packed everywhere in Zouk and I have no idea why but I just don't seem to enjoy clubbing nights any longer. I would definitely a night out in a bar or somewhere cozy with my close friends than a crazy wild night in a club. Guess I am really aging haha!

Nevertheless, thankyou Zack, Angelina, Maryam and Janelle. Sincerely thanking everyone who put in all your effort in order to make my 20th birthday a good one. By far the best, and most memorable birthday. Thankyou :')

Love, Alicia
P/s: Bangkok trip post will be up really soon so do stay tuned :)

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