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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Smitten Korea

Hello all!
From my post title, you all would probably already guessed who I'll be posting about;Smitten Korea. It is a newly launched online webstore that was created by 2 ladies, one in Singapore, the other in Korea. They aim to bring the best, popular and in-trend products from Korea to Singapore.
All products are HSA notified and 100% authentic -

So I've recently received a parcel from SmittenKorea and it's their No.1 seller,
  Zombie Pack.

What is Zombie Pack all about you all may ask, it is a Face Lifting Activator Kit - "No more sebum, minimizes pores, more moist to the skin, lesser wrinkles" My very first impression of this product was just purely.......WOW. Alright enough of typing, let's put this product to test! :-)
In a Zombie Pack, you will get 1 brush, 1 Activator, 16 small packs of Zombie packs.

When you open the Zombie pack, it contains this powdery substance and do TAKE NOTE that you only need to squeeze 3ml of the activator into the substance and start to stir it.

NOTHING LESS because my first attempt, I squeezed too little activator, my mask became hard and unable to apply.
NOTHING MORE because don't forget, you need it for the other 15 more packs!

When you're done with the stirring, you should end up with the mask looking like this! Then it's time for you to apply it onto your face using the brush, every stroke should go UPWARDS.
I'm not going to hide,  I've suffered from pretty bad acne/outbreaks before when I was in Secondary school and it was so terrifying, I was afraid of meeting new people and my confidence level dropped......mmmmm yeah......thank god I was introduced to go to this particular derma at Kovan and my complexion started getting better :') now I'm left with several scars caused by the pimples/acne from last time and you know...scars are super stubborn, it won't go off unless you spend a lot of effort applying whitening products or serum on it bla bla bla~

Okay, I should stop digressing.
As seen below, my cheeks are super red because of the scars and after washing off the mask, I was so happy because it made my face looking really glowly and the redness went off! (Not permanently though) and that is why I will continue using this product, gives me hope hahahahahah

If there's any crack during the process, it actually means that your skin is Lack of moisture and parts that look bumpy/even means your skin is Lack of elasticity hahahahaha how cute! 

I don't have a good complexion but I honestly believe it would get better and therefore, I would encourage any ladies, or guys who are facing the same problem as me to stop feeling disheartened because there is always a solution to every problem! :-)

I would definitely recommend this product! Let me do some math now.... 1 box of Zombie Pack is $38, 16 attempts, which means it's only $2 for each session!!!!! 

Anyway, here is a video on how to apply this mask the correct way.
Ending this post with everyone's favourite, g i v e a w a y!!!
SmittenKorea will be giving away their Hair Rebonding Cream.
"Easy hair straight cream. Self rebonding in just 2 steps. Anyone with a straightener at home can use it. Save time and save money, do it yourself today!" - Quoted from their website.

It will be an Instagram giveaway so all you have to do is, 
  • LIKE their facebook page
  • FOLLOW their Instagram page

Easy peasyyyyyyy, that's all! 
3 Winners will be announced at the End of September 2014.
-- QUOTE "Alicia" to get FREE Normal Postage if you were to purchase any Zombie Pack --
G O O D L U C K ! ! !
Love, Alicia

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