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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Space Invasion

Space Invasion, Cineleisure 

Hello people of the Internet! I went for Space Invasion's opening at Cineleisure the other time with the Mousetrap girls and I brought Z along with me :)

We were given vouchers to shop so of course, I spent most of the time choosing a few items and hoping not to cross the budget hahaha. It's so difficult because everything there seems equally attractive to me. I settled for a body chain and a pair of sunglasses! 
Then we headed to Marche for lunch and me being me, ordered my usual dish which was the Rosti. I have no idea why but I'm just a very boring and non-picky person when it comes to food. I can order the same dish everytime I go to a specific restaurant/place to dine at. For example, I will order Aglio Olio if the place serves pasta ALL THE TIME. Hahhahahaha.....

Anyway, Congratulations to Space Invasion for the opening of their second outlet! Do drop by there if you're at Cineleisure :)

Love, Alicia

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