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Friday, August 1, 2014


For those who have been reading my blog when I've just joined Mousetrap till now.....I'm sure you all would have heard of J7image and yes, I'm back with yet another awesome hair do done by them :-)
I've always wanted to give "Gradient hair colour" a try yet not too brave to do it for my whole head so J7 decided the colours for me and till date, I am still very much in love with it.

Ash brown on the top, light blue, then to dark blue. Jian An spent an hour doing the gradient colouring and it was very much of a hassle yet worth it! Throughout the whole hour he was very very, very patient, NO COMPLAINS. This is one out of the many reason why I love J7image.

You all might think that I'm only saying good words because they are my hair sponsor but no......I've seen them treating new/regular customers really well everytime I'm there. I love how they can just make anyone feel comfortable in the salon and trust worthy with their individual profession :-)

Yay to my new hair!!! Already thinking of what colour should I do next, back to brown?

Quote "ALICIA" to receive 20% off if you want to get your hair done at J7image!

Love, Alicia

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