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Friday, August 1, 2014

Mid-Autumn At Park

^ These mooncakes above in green were my favourite for that evening! It's Imperial Jade and coconut truffle which tasted really really good. I find it surprising that I am saying this now because I have never been a mooncake fan/lover.

They served some other flavors like Golden Cognac Truffle which was yummy too however I would prefer it without the minimal alcohol taste, haha!

Had a fun time goofing around with the girls

Went for #MidAutumnAtPark event which was held at Grand Park City Hall last week with part of the Mousetrap girls and it was actually a last minute decision for me because I had no phone to contact anyone that day, sadly. (Yes, my phone got stolen together with Lindsay's) Anyway, we were invited to the event for Mooncake tasting and I'm pleased to say that it was a good last minute decision!

I tried a bowl of the noodles which goes together with the Peking Duck(?) (Pardon me, I'm really clueless because I reached there rather late and was advised to just get a bowl of that noodles) It was delicious and I wanted more but I had to maintain a flat tummy just because I was wearing a tight fitting maxi dress that evening HAHA! As mentioned above, my favourite mooncake was the Imperial Jade and coconut truffle............yum. Thankyou for having us Grand Park X #MAAP, I had a great time there and I'm now officially a fan of your green mooncake heh!

We all received a goodbye gift which was a box of traditional mooncake each, how sweet :-)) Headed off to Sauce over @ Esplanade and spent a few hours there chilling with the MT team. Jason ordered Luncheon crackers? Or do I call it chips? But yeah, those chips were so yummy I wish I knew about it before that day. Order that if you're at Sauce and if you're a fan of luncheon meat like meEEee.

Had a chill time overall that night, more to come~ Till next time!
*ALL pictures credit to Chrysan and Cherie's camera.

Love, Alicia

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