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Monday, July 21, 2014

Time flies

First thing first! This is not any relationship advices post or whatsoever. It's just a mini post on how I met Z and a little about our relationship Here's to a few of my readers who suggested me to do a post about my r/s :-)

Indeed, time flies. Last Friday I had a sudden realization that Z and I have already known each other for 2 years. Not a very long time, yet it isn't exactly short.  How we met? Some of you may ask. We met at Rebel (Rebel is a club which has been closed down for some of you who may not know) 2 years back and that was how everything started.

Became friends and clubbed on almost every weekend together. It was epic. We were still living in the "Weekends? Club." kind of life and honestly thinking back, it was fun yet draining. Anyway, yup, Z and I was a little unstable/uncertain at first because I thought he was the ordinary playboy plus I met him in a club so............hahahah. There came a week when our conversation became really boring and.......he seemed uninterested. I forgot why I felt that way but yeah, I thought "wow maybe I should stop dating this guy" but my friends were really encouraging. They told me to try it out because I haven't and I did. BAM. We got together on last year Valentine's Day.
 This was taken when we went to phuket for a mini getaway! Just like any couple out there, we do quarrel. Sometimes several times a day when I'm having my PMS (lol!) But Z have been the best boyfriend I could ever ask for. He's genuine, faithful, honest, fun, hilarious(maybe sometimes), protective(not to that extreme though). There's just so many factors in him that I love and I feel blessed everytime I think about it :')

Ah, how funny thinking back and typing everything on this little space here hahaha

 Moving on! We were getting ready for the time Z is going to enter his National Service phase.........oh god I swear I hated it, I hated NS and I never wanted him to meet me only on the weekends. But there wasn't any choice, This picture was taken few days before he's going to enlist.

You know, I never would have thought that Z and I was possible, not because of any inferior complex issues but because I have never exactly dated anyone before him hahahahahahaha and I felt like "omg is this really happening?" "omg is Z and I now considered as dating?" and all these annoying stupid questions were constantly my thought of us.
I remembered telling myself "Alicia you're attached! Officially attached!" when Z and I got together not long after. I know it sounded really stupid but.......I don't know. It's weird.

Botak!!!!! Finally. He entered NS. I couldn't see him for the whole of 2 weeks when he first enlisted and it was a torture for me, well, not now but a few months back.

We went through so much. Times when I was suppose to be the understanding one, I didn't. Quarreled. But we hang on and like what he always say "Tough times don't last, tough people do. Let's not give up" I told myself that I need to have time for myself too because ever since I got into a relationship, I hardly have anytime for myself and my friends. The phase where most people go through, right? Or is it just me. I spend more time with just me being alone and doing things alone/with friends. Being more independent and learnt to be more understanding in every aspect.

It was Z's 21st birthday and I was so glad everything was great that night! Thankyou everyone for coming and making it possible. It was extremely frustrating okay............yay to happy ending :-)

NS was tough and it still is. From having only weekends to meet, to not meeting at all, to meeting only in the night and then he's back to camp the next morning.............I wished his NS life ended already.


I know I sound like an overly-attached girlfriend but I bet I'm not the only one feeling like this.
 POP LO! Attended his Graduation day together with his family. BMT was finally over! No need for him to travel to the east everytime he book in, it was great. It was great seeing him graduating. He looked so happy from afar I swear. And for that moment, I was so proud of him, my man. From that point of time, I began liking the idea of him entering NS. Remember when I said I hated NS? I'm taking those words back. I felt like I have no idea man, but I just felt so elated to see him grow. He was just like any boy but NS changed him and he will continue changing to be an official grown man, I can't wait to see more positive changes!!
He became so much more independent, responsible and setting his priorities right in the things he needs to complete. He even guide me through the things I've been going through and things I have no idea what to do about. I cannot comprehend how much he changed between this phase of his life.

Ok wait.

Do I sound like his mom yet?

Attended his Social Night last Friday and it was another proud moment for me to witness. Finally! He completed his Service term, moving on to his Pro term and then comissioning!!! Another 6 more months to go but I'm already beaming with excitement wahahahaha. I love whatever we have now and what we are now. Although I don't know what's in store for us in our individual future but I'm glad I have him in my life now, hoping we will still have each other in our lives even after 20 years down the road or 30.....40...50. HAH! You may think I'm silly I know! But I think that what's important now is we cherish the time we both have for one another.

This is what I believe and kept me going when we couldn't contact each other more days/week
 "The pain of today, will be the strength of tomorrow"

And if you're reading this now Z, I will always be your pillar of support, don't give up!
I love you.

Phew! I'm sorry for saying it's a 'mini' post because I don't think it is at all hahaha. Till next time!

Love, Alicia

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