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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fashion In A City

Went for an event with part of the Mousetrap girls the other time and yes, I had an enjoyable day with all of them. More to come ok! :-)

(Left to right: Brenda, Grace, Chrysan, Me, Cherie and Ellena)

A few shots Chrysan took when the models were walking down the runway. Me being forgetful as always, left my camera at home before heading to stay over at Z's, so I had to rely on Chrysan's camera for all the pictures that day (Thankyou C! -Big hug-)

I honestly l o v e happy candid shots and if you're my blog's constant reader, you would have already realised that I've posted quite a number of unglamorous or laughing shots of myself haha! I was so glad that all of us took "walking laughing candid street" shots, love it! :-)) Headed off to Central for late lunch while Grace left for shoot and Cherie went to MBS just to SLEEP. She went to the event without sleep Hahahahaha Zeng, you need to stop clubbing so much!

Thankyou for an amazing short day girls!

Love, Alicia
(P/S: Since a few people mentioned on my ask fm previously that you all want a post of my boyfriend and I.....okay then! It'll be up by this or next week so stay tuned!)

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