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Monday, July 14, 2014


Cute turtle cake because Ambra likes blue and turtles. It turned out really yummy too, yay cakes!
And, Lychee martini made by Angel which turns out great too, my friends are awesome hahahahahhaha

 (Left to right: Maryam, Angel, Ambra, Me, Giselle, Janelle, Ann)

(Left to Right: Angel, Maryam, Ambra, Me, Janelle and the back is the annoying Irfan)

Last Saturday was Ambra's farewell cum advance 21st birthday and I had a super great time with all of them especially my SMTJ girls. Unfortunately Nadirah couldn't make it because she had to take care of her poor kitty that got attacked by a stray dog [ wtf right :( ] hope her cat gets well quick!
Anyway yes, since it this gathering was planned for Ambra, we decided to surprise her and she not knowing anything was really shocked!!! I actually took pictures of her shocked face but I'm not posting it because it's too blur :(

Glad you're surprised Ambra hehehehe. Maryam and I was busy BBQ-ing the whole time but we gave in to the Air Fryer Angel brought down from her home and we started Air-Frying everything. SO MUCH FOR "BBQ" HAHAHAHA I love my friends.

Picture taking time! Thanks to Justin(Ambra's other half) for the great group pictures!! If I were to count on my camera it would probably look like shit hahahaha. I need a new camera, period. So yup, we wanted to look fierce and least we tried our best right? We look pretty fierce in the last picture what! /laughs/

Enough booze, laughter, ghost stories, food, lovable people to keep me really happy that night I miss that night so much already. I love all my friends and Ambra! If you're reading this, take care when you're over at Aussie. SMTJ will miss you and we will see you soon! \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ

Love, Alicia

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