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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

N E W . N A I L S

For the second set of nail design, I went with Grace and Cherie again!
Was really really excited when I told Mynt I've always wanted Barbie Inspired theme nails, and she said she actually already did a draft/sketch for me!!!!

As mentioned in the previous Myntelicious post, I remember telling you all that gelish can only be soaked off, did I? Okay let's just pretend I did and yes! Soaking off process begins~~

Mynt would carefully place the cotton pad with nail alcohol/remover and wrapped it with aluminum foil around your fingers.
-Waiting time: 15 minutes.
-Not painful at all!

Call me a "sua-ku" but I've really never seen these before! These are called Konad metal plates where my barbie theme nails is perfect, thanks to it!!

It's so pinkish and perfect!!!! 
( ´͈ )*

Was very much in love with my previous set of nails, and now I'm much more in love! Been getting a lot of compliments from the people around me too hehehhehehehe.

For my current set of nails (Barbie theme) filled with more than 20 diamonds, ribbon, nail art and it's gelish(!!), only cost you 65$! The prices outside would easily be around 80$ ish!

Quote "ALICIA" for $5 off any gel services!
For any enquiries / booking an appointment you may email her at

P/S:  EXPRESS GEL MANICURE ONLY AT $15 (Till the end of April)
P/S/S: Thankyou Mynt for being extremely patient!! (3 of us stayed from 4pm-10pm!!)

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