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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Garden Slug


Went to Garden Slug on Tuesday for one of our Cafe Hopping filming! Been so so busy with filming and every other thing I have on my To-Do-List, really really hoping everyone would enjoy watching it!!

Chrysan, Lindsay and I were super hungry so we decided to stay at the same place for dinner, YAY FOOD.

Had my favourite pasta, Aglio Olio!!!!!! If you're a close friend of mine or you dine with me all the time then you should know I recently build up on my tolerance towards spicy food and I LOVE Aglio Olio meheheheheheh.

Here's Lindsay! (Pronounced as "Lind-zeee")

And here is Chrysan! Super petite girl, people would easily mistaken her as my younger sister hahahahah!

Don't mind my huge ass face but here's a shot with my co-hosts!

I was about to fall HAHA

Top and bottom in c/o @lalalandsg (Instagram) 
< In case anyone of you are wondering...yes! All our filming outfits are sponsored by lalalandsg >
You can also find their rack located at The Cathay, Space Invasion!

Necklace - Ninthstore

Thankyou all who're reading this post, I really appreciate it!

Love, Alicia.

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