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Sunday, March 30, 2014

W e e k e n d s

 The boy and I have been spending his days off from camp, Friday nights when he booked out, then the following day, we'll probably sleep in till late noon because we were having a really bad hangover. Sooooo... we've decided to treasure these precious time available. Instead of clubbing, we watched movies, chit chat while laying on the bed, and off to cafes in the noon!

Have always wanted to go to Creamier and finally we went!! The waffles with ice cream was soooo good :)

Hahahahahahaahahha @ his face. What a cutie!
Oh how time flies, in less than two weeks it'll be his POP, I'm as excited as he is. Also, I'm extremely nervous filming for My Lunch Wagon yet super excited to be working with Chrysan and Lindsay! 
Don't forget to check Mousetrap's Mid-Week Chill Pill every Wednesday, till then :-))

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