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Monday, April 7, 2014

Ft. Myntelicious

Hey girls! Yet another goodie for all of you :-)
Went for a manicure last week with Grace and Cherie and I was super excited for what's in store for me!
Myntelicious is a home based nail salon that is located at Yishun, has 4 years of experience and she started at ForFleaSake! So if you've been there for their fleas I'm sure you've seen Myntelicious booth before:)
If you love having pretty nails to look at everyday then carry on reading!

 Took an extreme close-up shot of the minion and banana nail design because it's too cute!! And yes, all these are some of Mynt's nail designs.

These were the necessity products that she will be using to start making my nails pretty, and let's begin with my gelish manicure! Below is a picture of her cleaning my cuticles carefully (don't worry it doesn't hurt!)

If you have never been to a manicurist, then I'm thinking you wouldn't know what are cleaning cuticles and gelish all about.....

-  Cuticles are being removed for a much cleaner look when you have your manicure on!

-  Gelish is actually similar to the regular nail polish but the main difference can last up to 2/3 weeks without chipping off or fading of nail colour! Also, it CAN'T be removed by using the ordinary nail polish remover! It's only removable by buffing and soaking the surface of the nail.

Done with all the cleaning and buffing of nails. Yay to cleaner and neater looking nails ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

Took me awhile to decide on what nail design I really want to have but Mynt was super patient and understanding! Finally.........started off with B&W gelish as my base!

And I'm done! I'm very very very pleased at the end results!! My nail design turned out sooooooo well, I'm really glad! A big big thankyou to Mynt for being totally patient and attentive when it comes to drawing of the design, Mynt's really friendly too! Grace, Cherie, Mynt and I had fun chit chatting while she was doing our nails.(Great multi-tasking haha!)  o(^^o)

Also, I'm crazily in love with the skull!!!!!!! Mad mad love.

So I did:
-Classic Gel Manicure: $35
-Nail art: $10
-2 embellishment (Skull and ribbon): $2
-2 square studs: $1
ONLY $48!! It's crazily affordable if you are thinking of doing gelish! Compared to the prices outside it would be close to 60$?

:') Thankyou Mynt for such pretty nails, couldn't thank you more!
Do not hesitate to check Myntelicious out!

Myntelicious is also having an exclusive promotion going on right now: Express Gel Manicure for only $15!!
(Promotion valid till End of April)

Difference between Classic and Express is,
Classic: With cleaning of cuticles
Express: W/o cleaning of cuticles

If you're up for it, don't forget to quote "Alicia" and get a $5 off gel services!
For any enquiries / booking an appointment, you may email her at

Till next time!

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