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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


(Portfolio shoot today)
P/S: Sorry I actually have a lot of pictures but all are in my phone, too lazy so here's two for ya'll if you're wondering how I look with my "pau" on my head.
Took a few shots after I did my blonde hair days back just so I could update this space, haha!
In a love/hate relationship with my hair because the colour's too pretty but my hair lost all it's nutrients and whatever that makes it flowy and bouncy~
Anyway!! I went to the studio for Mousetrap's portfolio shoot today and I'm honestly very disappointed with myself :( I'm the type of girl who's really talkative around everyone but when it comes to studio shoot/strangers taking my pictures.........I'm just wondering how bad I'll look, don't judge :(

Looking forward to this weekend!! Stay tuned because I have lots of goodies for my readers! :-)

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