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Monday, March 17, 2014

Mousetrap x J7image

Hi all! I have been very blessed lately because of many new opportunities and people who shower me loveeeeeeeee/never give up on me. Really really thankful! :-)
Anyway, I've been sponsored by J7image to have a hair makeover and yesterday was the day! Was really looking forward to it because................ hair consists of pink, orange/reddish, blonde highlights and SPLIT DRY ENDS. Thank god for J7image. They greeted me really well (not because I'm sponsored okay! I've seen them greeting the paid customers really really well) and the hairstylists there are all very fun-beings, and hilarious. *one bonus point for them* Got a cup of green tea which was so good? + a pack of biscuits and yayyyyy, let's start!
I told them I wanted to go back to blonde because I'm sick of my dark hair and they started off with bleaching my hair.
What I felt when I was in the midst of bleaching my hair during 2012: Itchy, itchy, itchy, burning sensation, itchy, itchy and ITCHY!!!
What I felt when I was in the midst of bleaching my hair at J7image: Cooling, cooling, minty feeling. Honestly, I was impressed!! I knew J7image wouldn't let me down :) The salon uses a new product of bleach which gives customers a cooling/minty feel which was superb! I felt so at ease.

After washing off the bleaching~~~

 I'm sure all of you know that hair dye/bleaching dye contains ammonia, yes? Ammonia can sometimes be hazadous and can be harmful to both the hair and skin when applied.  But fret not, J7image bleaching dye is AMMONIA-FREE! *One more bonus point for them*

 Then I got three gentlemen applying my final colour for me! I had ash brown/blonde at my top and overall of my hair and ash green on the inside *squeals*

The end result of my hair! I was so pleased and I cannot be more than thankful to all the hairstylist who helped with the applying/blow-drying of my hair. Special thanks to Jayden who was my main hairstylist yesterday. THANKYOU SO SO SO MUCH!!! Am already looking forward to my next visit~ 

Oh, did I mention the shampoo-ing session was excellent? They used Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner which leaves your scalp feeling minty, love love love it! 

With Cherie who's such a beauty in her new hair colour!

 *drum rolls*
ALL my readers are entitled to 20% off!
Simply show them my blog post or quote my name "Alicia" when you're there :)
Or you can book an appointment with them to avoid any disappointment (Yes they seem to be busy most of the days)

Call +65 6735 5195
Text +65 9796 5105 / +65 9108 4755
Far East Plaza #02-14

Yet another exciting news I've been wanting to share with you all :)
I'm currently in a blogger agency which most of you should have known from my Instagram bio! However if you do not know, I'll be explaining it further. 
Mousetrap has only officially launched about 2 months back so it's not surprised that some people have never heard of it. Mousetrap will also be having shows back and forth with all the bloggers including myself. Game shows, variety show etc........ I'm in a food show (muahahahahahaha) 
- You can check them out on their latest 3D2N video at Mousetrap and be sure to sign up as a cheese lover!
- Or if you're interested in what's coming up next, do follow them on Instagram :)

Lastly, if you think you've got what it takes to be the face of For Flea Sake and you're up for a challenge, where Aurelia and Cherie will be your mentor to see who can groom you into For Flea Sake star. 

It's a series of makeovers, modelling, fashion and fun together with your mentor! You can also stand a chance to win $2000 worth of cash prizes and to be contracted artiste under Mousetrap.Yes you heard me right! 

Do not hesitate to send in an email to < > together with your picture BY FRIDAY, 21ST MARCH!! Submissions closing at 3pm

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