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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ft. Ninth Store

So as promised, I told ya'll that there will be goodies for all of you who are reading and yes, it is NINTH STORE!!!! If you've been following my Instagram all these while, you should have realise by now that I've always posted for NS. First thing first, Ninth Store is NOT my store. It belongs to my very capable older sister :)

Today, I've managed to get you girls an amazing deal wahaha
So.. if you love the Pom Pom Shorts craze as much as I do, I have an exclusive deal ONLY FOR MY READERS! (Brought to you by NinthStore
They'll be having 6 Pom Pom Shorts designs, coming up next Saturday29th March / 12pm!

I have 5 designs here with me, last design would be a plain black one for the essential keepers like me!

>>>>They will be going at SGD22.90 in stores, and here is the deal.........<<<<

These shorts are now available (YES BEFORE THE LAUNCH YAY) at just S$1 less, SGD21.90, by just quoting my name!! "Alicia"

Email to make your orders today

Here are some shots of the 5 available designs(if you'd like to have black, just email in and ask!)
p/s : Items come in limited quantity so this is a first come first serve basis.

1) Turquoise Beach Pom Pom
Kept this for myself!!! *whistles*

 2) Lavendar Pom Pom

3) Pineapple Pom Pom

 4) Fruity Flavor Pom Pom

5) Geo Pom Pom 
(Selling this royal blue jelly sling, int parties email me at

I've spend quite awhile matching all the outfits so do show some support :))))
-Black caged bralet worn with Pineapple Pom Pom is restocked in NS!-
Bye! Do remember to stay tune for another feature.
Oh, fastest fingers first ok! Have fun matching your own pom pom ;)

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