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Sunday, March 9, 2014


It was Day 2! Woke up and get prepared rather quick and did a "mini advert shoot" for TheStageWalk and then off we go to Platinum Mall *hyperventilates* If you've never been to Bangkok and you're going there soon, go to PLATINUM FASHION MALL! It has so many variety of clothes but sadly, it can be a little pricey unless you're getting it at wholesale price. (Go with all your female relatives or go with your friends!)

After Platinum mall, we went back to the hotel and had a quick bath before we head to Chatuchak! It's a MUST-GO place when you're in Bangkok.

Boy was sad because he left the one-and-only hotel room card IN THE HOTEL *smacks forehead* hahahaha so we had to queue at the counter to get someone up to unlock our room door, and off we go!

Chatuchak's sooooooooo huge, probably 10 times of Bugis Street? Or even bigger. And yeah, we got lost we walked in circles and end up at the furniture section hahaha. So I would suggest that you people(if you're there) to get a map that is provided right the Chatuchak's entrance! :-)

Yup, that's about it. Didn't bother using my camera anymore later for the rest of the day/night. It was all about shopping even more, eating and shopping again so yay, that's it for Day 2!

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