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Sunday, March 2, 2014



 Missing my Bangkok trip rather terribly, however having the boy sleeping on my lap while I update this little space now isn't that bad either :-)
So this is our second trip together and it was really great!! I love how cosy and pretty the hotel looks both interior, and exterior, how much shopping we did together, the seafood and Thai food we eat everyday, the bickering in the morning when I tried to wake the grumpy guy up EARLY (early like 7am hahhahaha) because I don't really like the idea of snuggling in the hotel room when you can go out and explore!!

For anyone who is wondering what hotel we stayed, it's The Berkeley Hotel. It's newly built and it's supeerrrrrrrrrrr cheap for a night probably around $80 ish?? (Beautiful room and excellent service that's why I think 80$ is worth) Highly recommend :)
Cannot wait for our next trip already, have a great week ahead all~

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