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Sunday, May 10, 2015


I've mentioned earlier on the previous post that I'll be blogging about this place I went with my girlfriends and had so much fun!!!
It's none other than........
LOST SG - Singapore's Next Generation Real Escape Room Game
(I have been wanting to try escape room games because I've heard many good reviews! :D)

 If you do not already know what LOST SG is..

"LOST SG is a high tech real-life room escape game where players have to put together thought-provoking clues, solve seemingly abstract puzzles and race against time to escape from a locked room. Pay attention to every little detail in the rooms, because even the slightest object could be the key to your escape. Using the latest technology, LOST SG brings your advanced gameplay with the next generation immersion and realism. Spanning over 2500 sqft with 5 different rooms that can accommodate 12 players each, our outlet at Peace Centre can take up to 60 players at any one time."

While waiting for the rest of the girls to arrive~

Ivan explained to me about the different themes of game room and I'm honestly very much interested in playing AOKIGAHARA and ALCATRAZ!!!

"After walking in rounds around the forest, it was clear that we had lost our way. With no functioning equipments to guide us out, fear was slowly consuming us from within. While we are paranormal researchers by profession, the fact remains that we are lost inside Japan's Suicide Forest.

Historically linked with demons and supernatural beings, Aokigahara is not a place to spend a night in. As the sun sets, the forest is getting dark. The macabre side of Aokigahara slowly sets in as I feel someone whispering behind my ears, leaving me unsettled.


In short - you're lost inside Japan's Suicide Forest and you have to get out.

However, the girls and I played ALCATRAZ instead!! (Because Angel and Ambra is afraid of ghosts HAHAHA)

We got separated into 3 different groups and I was paired with Ambra!!
Locked in 3 different cells but all of us could see one another and we are suppose to help one another get out.....

Alcatraz is an island that housed the most dangerous felons in America. Surrounded by hazardous currents of San Francisco Bay, no inmate was thought to have escaped.
HOWEVER.............. 3 inmates were found missing on one fine morning.

That's when the girls and I cracked our brain and used up 100% of our brain juice. We didn't want to call for help but we really had to because the game will only last for 60 minutes!!
We were basically screaming and interrupting one another, we were just SO noisy.
But we had a really fun time hehe
Thankfully, with the help from the people over at LOST( lol, sigh :( ), we managed to get out.

Honestly, I was extremely amazed by the technology used by Lost SG to enhance the gaming experience.
Alright I shall not explain too much else I'll spoil the fun for you!!

There are FIVE different theme of escape room and here's the other three:

Do book in advance to get a slot of your desired choice of game and timing!
For bookings, visit: BOOKING
Do go in a group because I would be more fun imo!

Off-Peak hours (11am-5:30pm) (Weekdays)
$20.90 per pax

Peak Hours (5.45pm onwards) (Weekdays)

 Weekends, Eve of/and Public Holidays:
Full Day Peak Hours

Alsoooo, LOST SG is now giving away to 1 lucky follower and 5 of his/her friends a trip to Lost SG!
All you have to do is to -

Go to my Instagram (Alicialsh) and look for my LOST SG post,

FOLLOW their Instagram
TAG 4-5 friends in the comment section
COMMENT which game you would like to play and why

3 easy steps and you'll stand a chance to win :)

Once again, thankyou LOST SG for the experience, that Saturday was filled with so much fun and laughter, I'll be back again with Z because I'm betting that he would love it too hehe!
Oh yes, do you know that Alcatraz is actually based on true story? They even have a movie about it!
Gonna go catch it nowww

xx, A

P/S: If you're bored and out on a Friday or Saturday, you might want to drop by because LOST closes at 1am! (Last game ends at 1:45am)

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