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Monday, July 7, 2014

Office Warming (1)

Took quite a number of pictures in FJS's new office studio

>> Brenda, Chrysan, Shafiqah, Grace, Me, Cherie

Been wanting to blog about For Jake Sake's office warming for the longest time but I've been rather occupied with a number of stuff and I've not gathered all the pictures we took on that day. Chrysan blogged about it last night and here I am, blogging with the pictures I saved from her blog haha, thankyou Chrysan!

I'm so proud to be in Mousetrap, and if anyone of you are wondering.....Mousetrap is actually under For Jake Sake! FJS branches out to Mousetrap, Space Invasion, Flea Party etc. Also....I'm very glad for the chance to be in Mousetrap and getting to know everyone whom I thought I will never get to meet.

On a side note, It's Monday again and Z is off for 'Scorpion King' for 5 days and then another 3 days of army then yay to social night! I'm actually pretty nervous because I've already planned out my outfit a month ago but I haven't gotten it yet so I'm afraid it wouldn't be what I had imagined /cries/ but yay to more time with Z :-)

Alrightyyyyy, I'll blog again with more pictures we took during office warming! Thankyou all who have been reading my blog, I will continue improving :-)

Love, Alicia

P/S: Advertorial rates have been revised, do email be >> if you're interested!

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