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Friday, July 4, 2014

Girls day out

I had a super greattttt day out with MLW team, Lindsay and Chrysan! And thank god for them both, I always end the day with pictures that I am super satisfied with :-)) We met up and went to the office then headed to town after, I was suppose to get a birthday gift but ended up buying everything for myself haha oops!!! GSS was still on, so why not right?

Today's Friday, time flies and I'm already very excited to meet Z later for dinner and a chill night out with his friends before he head back to camp at 6am.........(sigh, I know right) Cannot wait for mid July to arrive and that's when Z gets his 2 weeks break yayyyy

Okie doks, just thought I should blog a short post so again, I'm ending it abruptly.....bye! Oh, I'm wearing Ninthstore's Stripes outerwear which is their New Arrival :-)

Love, Alicia
P/S: Updated my Carousell, do check it out ok!

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