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Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Black Acc

Heyo all!
I'm currently here at Bedok Mall's Starbucks sitting infront of Lindsay, trying to blog hahaha. Still feeling very light-headed and tired because I'm totally drained after clubbing last night with my ladies. Haven't been to Ladies Night for a really longggg time and I'm so glad I went, what an enjoyable night out!! Feeling so blessed, I love you all :') Anyway, a B I G  T H A N K Y O U to Lindsay for helping out with these pictures from earlier on. I love them so much. 

I'm wearing The Black Acc's (Insta-shop) Hamsa and Sun&Moon chokers and honestly, never would I have thought that I would love it so much. It's so different from my usual style but I'm loving it. Thankyou K for sending it to me! They have just added in a few more pretty charm designs (etc. Ying Yang, Elephant, Cat, Horse shoe) and there's different choker straps you can get to choose from, hurry go get yours now!! Oh yes, they are also selling bracelets nowwwwww

Check them out on


Quote "Alicia" for $1 off your purchase
Yay to beautiful chokers!

Love, Alicia