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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sun Sea Friends


Me, Amanda, Lindsay and Cherie!!!

Hanged out with the Mousetrap girls over at Mambo Beach Club last week and it was indeed a simple good day! I had so much fun just snapping pictures, chit chatting, laughing etc. Thank god the sun showed mercy when we chilled at Mambo else the girls and I would have been sunburnt!!!!

A pity the rest of the girls couldn't get to join us but it's alright, next time!

[Pictures credits to: Amanda!]


Also!!! The newly revised episode of Mid-Week Chill Pill featuring Parisa and I is finally out!!!
Watch if you haven't because I had a good laugh at my reactions and laughter LOL

I've also replied to some of you who have been asking how I edit all my pictures on Instagram to make it clearer and what filter do I normally use. Yaaaaayyyy! 

Love, Alicia

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