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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hey, you

I've never really had a post specially dedicated to this boy of mine but hey, here's one :)
Yes, it's gonna be the usual "Thankyou....thankyou etc" because I'm cliche like that hahahaha
Thankyou for being SO EXTREMELY tolerant with all my shit for the past 449days. Times when I was the one who should be apologising, you apologised first. Times when our relationship gets tough, you were also the one who said we should hold on because better times are ahead.

I am beyond thankful. Beyond. My very very first relationship, and you've already succeeded in making me happy enough to be with you always. Thankyou Z.

I Love You.

Yeah, super cheesy I know......but it's just a relationship thing no!?!?! Times when I really am feeling blessed and I want to just pen down my *time check* 12:31am thoughts, haha!
Anywayyyyyyyyy, the boy has agreed on doing a vlog with me!!! I have to get my laptop fixed ASAP in case he wants to back out.

Any thoughts on what can a couple or what we should do in the vlog??

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